This comes as no surprise, given that the 30-year-old A.F.D.A graduate has let nothing stand in her way of pursuing her dreams. From as far back as she can remember, Miranda always had a passion for music. Whether it was listening to the tranquil sounds of classical music from her dad’s hi-fi or when she started pressing the record button on her tape recorder in the laundry room back at boarding school, the passion has been consistently there. “Music has always been something I can always go back to, it makes the world right” says the songstress.During her time at the Lady Grey Arts academy Miranda surprisingly soon became a choir soloist and voice group leader.  Passing her final year Theory and light music singing exam with distinctions was the turning point in her life. Now firmly rooted in her pursuit of a career as a musician and actress; Miranda matriculated and enrolled for her B.A. degree in live performance, majoring in music at AFDA.